Woodland Park Families,

On behalf of the faculty and staff it is an honor and a privilege to welcome you to Woodland Park. Woodland Park has a proud tradition of providing students with excellent educational opportunities while partnering with parents and the community to raise the next generation. At Woodland Park, you will find caring adults who are committed to your children. Please join Woodland Park and White County Schools as we work to love kids, work hard and pursue excellence.

To provide the best education for our children, a partnership between parents and schools must exist. Woodland Park needs your help to fulfill our mission of providing an excellent education for our students. Please support our teachers by reading at least twenty minutes a day to your children and have conversations about what they are learning. Furthermore, please support our Parent Teacher Organization and the multitude of enriching events to take place throughout the year. We have a vibrant PTO that generously supports our faculty, staff and students. The PTO welcomes anyone who would like to be involved.

Woodland Park’s commitment to students stretches beyond the classroom. If you have concerns about your student please reach out to our teachers. However, we ask that conferences be scheduled by appointment. You are always welcome at Woodland Park.

Many changes have occurred at Woodland Park in preparation for the 2019-2020 school year. There are many new faculty and staff members who have joined the Woodland Park team. Personally, I am entering my twenty-fifth year in education and my administrative experience spans fourteen years. This will be my ninth year as a principal. Furthermore, you will notice several changes to our building, every room has received a deep cleaning, interior and exterior painting projects have been completed, new fencing has been erected on the playground for our students in lower grades, and our gym floor has been completely refinished including new graphics. We are proud of our facility and preserve and continually improve our building and grounds.

A strong partnership between the school and parents will help ensure the academic and social growth of the students we share. The faculty and staff of Woodland Park will work hard to be the kind of school we would want our own children to attend. Best wishes to each student and family as the year begins.


Lane Ward


Lane Ward@WPPawPower

“Love Kids, Work Hard, Pursue Excellence”

Dear Woodland Park Families,

First, welcome to the 2020-21 school year! This is the start of my 12th year and am so excited for it to be part of the Woodland Park Family. I have spent my career teaching high school math and working outside the classroom to serve the students of White County. Some of my proudest moments have come from coaching girls soccer, serving as homecoming coordinator, and developing a school wide positive behavior support program. My philosophy has always been if I love kids first, the rest will follow; I look forward to putting that into practice at Woodland Park.

Woodland Park has always provided students with a loving environment to pursue academic excellence and will continue that tradition with the upcoming school year. Please know I am here to support and assist each of you anyway I can, so always feel free to reach out. I look forward to meeting you all soon and rolling up our sleeves together!


Amber Mullinax

Woodland Park Assistant Principal